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About the company

Our company has been engaged in wholesale export of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and disposables since 2011. Our primary objective is to ensure the safe and continuous attendance of our customers and patients day by day. Therefore, we have developed a cross-border company structure to be able to reach this objective the most effectively.

The Hungarian mother company ensures the relationship management with the suppliers, the contractual background, financial stability and coordinates logistic and quality assurance processes as well.

What we do

Through our activity we establish a link between the Ukranian patients and healthcare institutions dealing with special dialysis and apheresis treatments and Western European pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our team strives to overcome all obstacles emerging in the supply chain in the most effective manner. This requires extensive knowledge of the Ukranian market, understanding the importance and responsibilities of our business and the ability to promptly react to the challenging and quickly transforming regulatory and operational environment in the countries we operate.